Yard Sign Quote Request

Yard signs are a great way to promote a fundraising event, grand openings and store closings and local events/ They are make great advertisements for political candidates consumer service contractors and real estate agents.

Please see below for details regarding two ZippityPrint.com yard sign options. Choose the best option for you, click the "GET A QUOTE" button, and complete our quick specification questionnaire. We'll reply with your estimate within 24 Hours.  

Poly Bag Yard Sign

Poly Bag Yard Sign

Poly Bag yard signs are composed of a thin plastic sleeve and a ‘U-shaped’ wire frame.

*Minimum quantity 1000.


• More economical for large quantities (>1,000) 

• Two-sided printing standard 

• Lighter weight = economical to ship 


• Sign good for one season only

• Can’t be used as a hand-held sign

• Prints in spot color only

• Susceptible to wind damage

• Grommets not available 




Corrugated Yard Sign

Corrugated plastic (Coroplast) yard signs are made of a sturdy, corrugated plastic. They can be mounted using an ‘H-shaped’ metal wire frame, or with grommets to allow for fastening to your chosen surface.

*Minimum quantity 10.


• Durable, long-lasting

• Economical for smaller quantities (<1,500)

• Prints spot color or full color

• Prints one-sided or two-sided

• Mount with wire frame or grommets

• Wide range of sizes available

• Can be used as a hand-held sign 


• Generally more expensive than poly bag signs in quantities >1,000 

• Heavier = more expensive to ship than poly bags